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BNU                       Business Not As Usual (TM)

Business Consultant

BNU                       Business Not As Usual (TM)

Business Consultant

Helping you design success!


Helping you design success!

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The Entrepreneur Way

BNU Business Not As Usual  is a business management and consultant company designed to assist individuals, new entrepreneurs, CEOs, church leaders and executives in reaching their personal & leadership potential as they increase their profitability and creativity through executive coaching and entrepreneur development.

Plain and simple, BNU staff is in the business of assisting its clients in preparing strategic stepping stones to  building a profitable business.

The Entrepreneur Spirit

It’s absolutely rewarding to work with clients  who have the faith to go the distance; who recognize and accept the challenges and who are willing to make the sacrifice to complete the process inorder to see their vision materialize right before their eyes.


"The Entrepreneurial Spirit gives hope to dreams; to bring forth witty inventions, as you walk by faith to implement that which seems to be the impossible dream."

By Barbara A. Dulin

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Entrepreneur Consulting Services

BNU  provides each client with  a speicialized plan to meet a specific personal and/ or professional request that will enhance their professional skills.

To best serve our clients, BNU provices individual and  groups of 5 or more.


BNU workshops are designed to provide entrepereneurs with the business leverage needed to navigate and excel in business. The motivational workshop will provide a wealth of  knowledge and  busienss skills essential for starting a new business or expanding on an exsiting one.. 

2019 Goals


When rethinking your 2019 goals:

1. Have faith to believe in you. Your vision is only going to come alive when you are committed to fulfilling that passionate drive within you.

2. Make sure your business is relevant to meet the needs of today's consumers.. Do the research and don't skip any steps.

3. Be an effective communicator. Share your vision daily with family and friends. Once you have empowered them with your enthusiasm for your business venture. Then look for their unity and support..

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