WELCOME TO: BUSINESS NOT AS USUAL – “Your Success Is Our Business”

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BNU Business Not As Usual  is a business management and consultant company designed to assist individuals , new entrepreneurs, CEOs, church leaders and executives in reaching their personal & leadership potential as they increase their profitability and creativity through executive coaching and entrepreneur development.Plain and simple, BNU is in the business of helping its clients plan strategic stepping stones to assist in building a profitable business.

We at BNU are excited to empower our clients with  the expectation to embrace the possibility of seeing their business unfold and/or grow.   It’s absolutely rewarding to work with clients  who have the faith to go the distance, who recognize and accept the challenge to see their vision materialize, and who are willing to make the sacrifice to complete the process.

At BNU our mission is to provide business management and consulting services to individuals, entrepreneurs, CEOs, churches and executives to increase creativity and profitability through executive coaching and entrepreneur development.