BNU Face Book Testimonies

Mae Robinson

HELLO BARBARA how are you and Happy New Year to you, yes i do know what I’m worth, thats cute and so true, but I don’t give discounts, I receive them, I will be getting in touch with you real soon, but in the mean-time lets stay connected on face book, and yes I do love your page. That’s what I like about you Barbara your different, unique and I like your technique Business Not As Usual, em catchie, have a powerfilled weekend, be bless. Facebook~ January 4, 2014


Business not as usual” is definitely the solution. I’m thankful to join. jowee.0micil
Facebook~ January 9, 2014


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My name is Latonia, of H&L Imprints Graphic Design + Photo, and I was one of the presenters at the Women Entrepreneurship Workshop this weekend. I wanted to connect with you and thank you for sharing your business at the workshop.You gave a lovely presentation. It’s always nice to hear from others that have walked in the path of entrepreneurship, have experienced success, and are willing to give back through sharing their story. ” Let’s Stay Connected H&L Imprints! Oct 7 2013


Just had a Meeting with Barbara Dulin, CEO of Business Not As usual and I am telling you changes are coming ! It’s about time we teach our youth how to run a business, get wealthy and leave a legacy!  Adriana Raines/October 2013


Min. Dulin, thank you for presenting a brief overview of Business Not as Usual at Ebenezer Community Worship Center’s entrepreneur workshop that the Women’s Ministry held last week Saturday morning. All of the attendees, as well as the other presenters, were very inspired by your encouraging words. You truly gave us all nuggets of wisdom for our businesses and food for thought in regards to taking our businesses to the next level. May God continue to richly bless you as you bless others. Shirley Wong Oct 8, 2013


WOW!!!! I’m still beaming with inspiration after that AMAAAZING Business NOT As Usual (BNU) business seminar!!! George Fraser had incredible, priceless insight! Barbara A. Dulin YOU ARE A GEM!!! I was literally in tears from the joy & hope that flooded my soul & rekindled the fire to get my business moving again… Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for following through with this awesome vision from God!!! Koriana Bradford  September 2012


It’s been one week since I had the pleasure to sit before Networking Guru George Fraser….his words are still resinating with me. He eloquently painted the picture of where “Black People” are in society (America), the roles we are predestined to play, but where we actually are at and what will happen if we do not parent properly, stand for something, and learn to work together…We Owe ForFarthers to cultivate change, which comes from Our conscience being raised, which leads to Passion (Excitement), then Action…Ask Yourself What are You Passionate about? If You don’t know, at least get excited by the possibilities, then Do Something…God Bless!!

Jacqui McNeil Oct 2012


Just grateful! Truly grateful!God has a plan and purpose for my life. Thirty two years “Breast Cancer Free” hallelujah. By his stripes I’m healed and encouraged to help as many people along the way to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Come join the women at Greater Love Tabernacle for our Annual Women’s Health Workshop and Luncheon with Dr. Auda Robertson, tomorrow at 11:00am and hear of His great healing power.


After 20 years in education, I had come to crossroads.  I knew that there was something that I should be doing that I am passionate about.   After attending the Business Not Usual conference, I walked away with strategies that would assist me in resolving this dilemma, as well as next steps for the direction of my career over next fifteen years.  This workshop made me look at things very differently.

The Keynote speaker Delatorro McNeil was insightful, knowledgeable, and humorous.  He pushed me to think and reflect on the dreams that had, and the career path that I took.  I was inspired to dig deeper and identify all of my God-given talents.  I was amazed with what I came up with.  I left there having heard stories from different individuals about the things that they are passionate about which ultimately has lead to their success, and most importantly their happiness.

Throughout the day there were networking opportunities, resources shared, and there were strategies to continue the work and exploration.  This was definitely one of the best conferences that I have ever attended and I look forward to next year conference.

DonetteI. Wilson-Wood
December 2010