“The Power of Networking with the Right People” meeting and networking with amazing people


Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick,  Boston’s Mayor Marty Walsh, CEO, Clayton Turnbull,   CEO, Russell Simmons, CEO, George Fraser, CEO, Berry Donaldson, CEO, Michael Roberts, and CEO, Randal Pinkett.


2013-14 BNUNKG Members: Cynthia Younger, Brenda Wornum Moore, CEO BWM Consulting, Jestina Haywood, CEO, Accessories and Things, Dimitry Frederique, CEO, Frederique Capital.


2011-12 BNUNKG Members: Dimitry Frederique, CEO, Frederique Capital, Ernest Dulin, CEO, Kings Watchmen Constable Services, Cynthia Younger, Barbara A. Dulin, CEO,  Business Not As Usual, Patricia  Messenger, MedLife, Wonda Hunt, CEO True Blossom Realiy.

2010-11 BNUNKG Annette Powll

2010-11 BNUNKG Members: Top, Annette Powell, Mary Kay, Representative, Felisha  Thomas, CEO, FeFe’s Corner, Cynthia Younger, Bottom: Coleen Worrell, CEO CPWorrellSignature,Barbara A. Dulin, CEO,  Business Not As Usual, Harriet Holder, CEO, Weddings Celebration,