Entrepreneur Institute

CEO  Barbara DulinBusiness Not As Usual Entrepreneur Institute, Inc. 

The Mission
The mission of the Business Not As Usual Entrepreneur Institute, Inc. is designed to give adults, youth and teens access to entrepreneur training to stimulate creative thinking in individuals who are interested in embracing the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur through motivational speakers, applied classroom innovation and open business principles discussions.                                   

The Vision

The vision is to develop a visible community Non Profit Initiative to promote Entrepreneur Education, Increase Self-Sufficiency and assist in developing a Strong Community Awareness among African American and Latino low – wealth residences.  This initiative will provide urban families, single mothers, veterans, individuals with a Cori and disengage teens with an opportunity to expand their career choices with entrepreneurial opportunities.  By introducing an interactive entrepreneur program designed to provide a Business Savvy Curriculum to adults during the day and a Business Idea Development curriculum for youth and teens after school that will undoubtedly stimulate the entrepreneurial mindsets, creativity, innovation and confidence that will fuel the transformation for a competitive economic environment.

The BNU Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Entrepreneurial Spirit gives hope to dreams; to bring forth witty inventions, as you walk by faith to implement that which seems to be the impossible dream. 

By Barbara A. Dulin

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. It takes a lot of time, effort and energy and everyone is not meant to be one, but the BNU Entrepreneur Institute Inc. will be open to African and Latino’s who have a passion for something greater, a hunger for what they do not know, a desire to transform their attitude concerning family, business, and community, a willingness to learn leadership qualities, and gain a new understanding on the value of peer networking.  Education is important to promote more entrepreneurs with an attitude and behavior that can demonstrate the excellence in business competencies which includes the ability to plan and mange projects in order to achieve their objectives.

 Core Values

We at Business Not As Usual believe that it is important to empower people in low-wealth and under develop communities to start and grow profitable small businesses, create jobs, and build a community spirit of unity, power and wealth.

What We Believe is Important in Business

  • Our relationship with God
  • Family and Legacy
  • Access to entrepreneurship for all
  • Serving and helping others to grow academically
  • Having a strong work & business ethic
  • Building wealth honorably
  • Demonstrate a Spirit of Love

 Business Not As Usual Entrepreneur Institute, Inc.

The development of a Non Profit Initiative to Promote Entrepreneur Education, Increase Self-Sufficiency and Strong Community Awareness of Community in African American and Latino Adults, Youth and Teens.

Barbara A. Dulin, M.Ed., LSW, Founder & CEO, Business Not As Usual


Business Not As Usual Entrepreneur Institute, Inc.

Business Not As Usual Entrepreneur Institute, Inc. (BNUEI) Teen Entrepreneur Program offers a twelve-week curriculum aimed to give teens ages 13 to 18 the opportunity to learn how to start their own businesses!

The curriculum is as follow:

  • Finding your natural talent                (The authentic you)
  • Basic business vocabulary                 (Learn the Languages)
  • Discuss and Practice marketing        (You are your best advertisement)
  • Banking and Financing                     (Money Matters)
  • Customer Service                              (You are your first customer)
  • Record keeping                                 (The Honest way of doing Business)
  • Networking                                       (Developing Interpersonal Skills)
  • Problem Solving                               (Identifying one problem and fix it)
  • Ethical business practices                  (The Human Side of Doing Business)
  • Developing your  plan                       (Your gift and talent)